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Legislative Reports

OSPA aggressively advocates on behalf of the pharmacy profession before the State Legislature, State Agencies, Congress, and other healthcare stakeholders.  For OSPA Legislative Reports click here.

OSPA Legislative Tracking Program

The Legislative Tracking Program allows you  to access the hearing schedules for the bills we're following, an entire state hearing schedule, a listing of all the bills we're monitoring with status information, status report of what is going on in the legislature and a quick bill status search that will display the current status of a specific bill.   One of the menu options offered through the bill tracking service is legislative audio and video files which allows you to videostream a hearing that you may be interested in but can’t attend or listen to a hearing that has already been held.  See below for instructions to gain access to CM3, the bill tracking software.

Access Instructions:
1. Go to
2. Click “Log In.”  The log in button is at the top right hand corner of the screen.
3. Your user name is: [email protected]
4. Your password is: pharmacy!
Under the “Reporting” menu, you will have the opportunity to click on either “Bill Log,” or “Full Bill Summary”.  Both reports will give you a list of the current bills we are tracking for you, but each has slightly different information.
In addition, under the “Useful Links” menu, the link to “Legislative Website” gives you the opportunity to search for specific bills, or words in bills.

Oregon Pharmacists Fund 

The OPF helps elect legislators and statewide officials who will act in pharmacists' best interests. The OPF does this by providing financial support to political campaigns.

When you support the Oregon Pharmacists Fund you:
Help elect a more pharmacy-friendly legislature.
Receive regular updates on important legal and regulatory issues.
Receive invitations to meet with key policy makers and attend law CE programs.
The Oregon Pharmacists Fund was created by the Statewide Pharmacy Coalition, Oregon Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the Oregon State Pharmacy Association. Each organization supports the fund as the primary political action vehicle for Oregon’s pharmacists.
Take advantage of Oregon's political tax credit.

Oregon income tax credits are available to individuals and couples who have contributed up to $50 (individual) and $100 (couple) to political candidates, initiatives and political action committees in Oregon.  That means that as an individual, you can spend up to $50 of the money you owe in Oregon taxes for a political action committee (PAC) of your choice.  Or, if filing as a couple, you can spend up to $100 of the money you owe in Oregon taxes to the PAC of your choice.  However, this credit is only available to individuals with adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less and for joint filers $200,000 or less.

Contribute to the Oregon Pharmacists Fund by:
  1. Print and complete the donation form (The Oregon Pharmacists Fund donation form) and mail/fax to the address/number provided.
  2. Click here to make a pledge on-line through OSPA

The Oregon Pharmacists Coalition

The Oregon Pharmacists Coalition was created by the Statewide Pharmacy Coalition, Oregon State Pharmacy Association and the Oregon Society of Health-System Pharmacists,  Each organization supports the fund as the primary political action vehicle for Oregon’s pharmacists. 

Questions? Please call the OSPA office at (503) 582-9055.