About the Oregon State Pharmacy Association

The Oregon State Pharmacy Association is a community of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and others who have an interest in advancing the practice of pharmacy through advocacy and education, and thereby improving the health of our fellow Oregonians.

The OSPA represents pharmacists statewide before the State Legislature, state agencies, Congress and with other health care stakeholders. OSPA provides a wide range of services to both employee and owner member pharmacists, including excellent continuing education opportunities and advanced practice programs.

A very important aspect of our mission is to provide practicing pharmacists with information on the latest developments and trends that affect the profession, both locally and nationally.


OSPA Receives Partnership Award from APhA

Oregon State Pharmacy Association was the recipient of an APhA Immunization Champion Award during the conference held in in San Antonio, Texas, April 3-6, 2009.  Following is more information about the award

Oregon Pharmacists Association (OSPA) has played a pivotal role in increasing immunization rates in Oregon. OSPA was instrumental in gaining legislative approval for the administration of all adult immunizations by pharmacists without a collaborative agreement making them the first in the nation. The authority for pharmacists’ immunization activity comes from the state’s public health law. Today more than 750 Oregon pharmacists participate in immunization activities. OSPA has worked in partnership with the State Immunization Coalition and State Health Department supporting the ongoing coalition mission of “Work together to reduce the burden of vaccine preventable disease in Oregon adults.” Additionally, the Oregon Immunization Program and the OSPA have forged a vital relationship that includes collaboration on pharmacy protocols for immunization, outreach to independent pharmacy sites, piloting various pharmacy-based interventions, regular pharmacy student internships, and collaboration on the pharmacy provision of travel vaccines.


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