OSPA Annual Awards

The Oregon State Pharmacy Association annually honors the accomplishments of deserving pharmacy professionals. It’s that time of year again to recognize your peers who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to the pharmacy profession. If you know someone who has gone above and beyond and would like to recognize their hard work and dedication – nominate them for an award! This is a great way to say “Thank you”!  Click here for 2014 Nomination Form.

Bowl of Hygeia

In addition to service through their local, state, and national pharmaceutical associations, recipients of the Bowl of Hygeia Award have devoted their time, talent, and resources to a wide variety of interests. Some have represented their respective communities in state legislatures or in statewide office. Many have served as mayor or as a member of their community’s governing body. Still others have filled important positions on planning and zoning commissions and hospital, school, and other boards. They have provided leadership for fund drives and countless special projects, and have participated in the work of youth organizations, civic clubs, churches, and fraternal clubs. It is safe to say that over the years Bowl of Hygeia Award recipients have been honored for virtually every type of community service.  Click Here to view a complete listing of 2012 Bowl of Hygeia award recipients.

Pharmacist of the Year

Significant contribution to the advancement of the profession, the goals of OSPA, the reputation of Oregon pharmacy, or other readily-identifiable professional achievements. These achievements are expected to be in areas other than those directly related to employment.

Excellence in Innovation (Upsher-Smith Laboratories)

Pharmacist who has demonstrated innovative pharmacy practice for improved patient care.

Pharmacists Mutual Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award

Graduation less than 10 yrs ago; Oregon license; OSPA membership; retail, institutional, or managed care/consulting practice; participation in national pharmacy association, professional programs, OSPA activities and/or community service.

Cardinal Health Generation Rx Champions Award

Honors a pharmacist who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to raising awareness of the dangers of prescription drug abuse among the general public and among the pharmacy community.

Special Services Award

Outstanding contribution and commitment of time, energy, and special effort of individuals to assist Oregon State Pharmacy Association (OSPA). 

Technician of the Year

The criteria for this award should include the following:
1. Provides patient-centered customer service skills.
2. Computer skills, input as well as judicator for insurances.
3. Team player as well as individual thinker, problem solver, doer.
4.Seeks cross-training opportunities.
5. Work flow, organizational skills.
6. Accuracy, efficiency, productivity.
7. Adaptability, creativity, integrity.
8. Demonstrates professionalism with other healthcare providers (nurses, CMAs, MDs, etc.)
9. Interacts appropriately with pharmacy visitors, manufacturer’s representatives, delivery personnel, etc.
10. Assists the pharmacist in providing pharmaceutical care beyond drug distribution (immunization clinics, bone density, BP screens, etc.)
11. Seeks CE credits to broaden pharmacy knowledge base.
12. National certification.

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